Summer Trend: Watermelons Aplenty

watermelon tote bag

I am so ready for summer I can smell the suntan lotion, feel the sand between my toes, and hear the waves crashing now (or is that my sound machine that helps me sleep?). I’ve been seeing watermelon everywhere right now in fashion and home decor and it’s beckoning a long, chill summer season perfect for BBQ’s and pool days. This trend is in tandem with the pineapple moment that is happening right now, and the combo is oh-so-refreshing! Let’s see what else bloggers and YouTubers are creating with citrus across the ole’ inter-web. Madame Citron hand-dyed this tote bag to be watermelon fresh and it’s adorable.

watermelon salad

Are these projects making you hungry? Then let’s make this delicious-looking dish seen on Food 52.

watermelon shoes

The Hey Hey Hey painted a pair of slip ons to look like the fruit and they are uber-cute.

watermelon shorts

DIY ‘N’ Crafts dip-dyed some shorts and added seeds to bring the summer look into her wardrobe. These would be super precious on a small fry too.

watermelon stamp

Inner Chid Fun shows us how to make a watermelon stamp that you could apply to just about anything, including gift wrap for a summer party.

I was inspired by this fun and fresh trend and customized a beach bag with a watermelon slice in this week’s episode of HGTV Handmade.

watermelon margarita

If summertime doesn’t mean margarita season than I am not a human being. Try this recipe by Pretty Plain Janes the nest time you need a stiff drink.

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