Summer Party Idea: Throw a Movie Night With the Stars

June is Great Outdoors Month, and for good reason. These warm summer nights are begging us to get out of our homes. So, while the nights are still balmy, why not throw a movie night with the stars? No, I’m not saying you should invite Leo DiCaprio. What I mean is, move the party outside and screen movies in your own backyard! Here are a few tips for making your cinema soirée a success:

Create a Display
First things first: set up your theater. DIY Network shows you exactly how to transform you backyard into a outdoor entertainment center. Renting an inflatable screen for your movie night is a great option, but you can also project the movie on a white drop cloth or large white wall.

Throw an Outdoor Movie Night

Image by Courtney Apple, courtesy of Society Social. Styling by Styled Creative

Set up Seating
Colorful fold out chairs like these serve as both seating and lively party decor. Plus, they’re super easy to store for your next party. Toss a throw pillow on each chair to create a chic look and help your movie-goers feel comfy. If you want a more casual and cozy vibe, provide blankets for your guests and let them pick a spot to sprawl out.

Throw an Outdoor Movie Night

Photo by She-n-He Photography

Create a Classy Concession Stand
Rather than your average run-of-the-muck movie theater concession stand, create your own upgraded version. Cook up a variety of popcorn flavors like Herbs de Provence with Asiago Cheese, Maple-Nut, or any of these 50 flavored popcorn recipes. Of course, what movie night would be complete without candy? Pick up a selection of classic movie theater candy or even make some of your own. Serve your treats in large glass apothecary jars with decorative labels and give your guests paper snack boxes to fill with their choice of goodies.

Throw an Outdoor Movie Night

Image by Courtney Apple, courtesy of Society Social. Styling by Styled Creative

For drinks, set out a large galvanized metal bucket filled with ice and glass-bottled sodas. Or serve up some homemade slushies (which you can easily turn into cocktails for the adults).

Throw an Outdoor Movie Night

Photo by She-n-He Photography

Pave A Pathway
Once the movie starts, your backyard will be pretty dark, so guests may have trouble navigating their way to the concession stand for refills. Outline a path that leads to the snack table and the back door of your home using votive candles in glass jars, globe lights, rope lights, or maybe even this starry garden path Briana wrote about.

Throw an Outdoor Movie Night

Photo by She-n-He Photography

And the Winner Is…
To get the word out about your awesome movie night, send electronic invitations to your friends. In the invite, include a link to an online survey with 10 movie choices. Tell your guests to vote for the movie they’d most like to see. On the day of the event, send out a mass text or email to announce the winner. Not only is this is a fun way to get your invitees involved in the party planning, it also reminds them of that night’s event!

Once everything is prepared, all that’s left is to sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Which movie would you screen at your outdoor movie night? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. BigDanSplendor 1 year ago

    Here’s what I did last year with friends…

    So, Its almost the end of August and we still have to finish this checklist. Most of it it done, but theres still lots of things we can do before fall hits! And I’m sure everyones interested as to whats let to do, so here it is kids! Ill tag everyone in this who has contributed to helping with one or more checkmarks!

    Summer 2009 Checklist.

    1.) Take a hike – CHECK
    2.) Go on a roadtrip – CHECK
    3.) Lay under the stars – CHECK
    4.) Make a movie – CHECK
    5.) Bake cookies/brownies – CHECK
    6.) Have a picnic
    7.) Throw a theme party
    8.) Go camping – CHECK
    9.) Have a bonfire – CHECK
    10.) Send a message in a bottle – CHECK
    11.) Give to a charity – CHECK
    12.) Take atleast 1000 photos – CHECK
    13.) Ultimate Scavenger Hunt – CHECK
    14.) Ultimate Hide & Seek – CHECK
    15.) Go to the beach – CHECK
    16.) Create a new word – CHECK [cockhorse!]
    17.) Laugh atleast 100 times in a day – CHECK
    18.) Collect 2 bugs, give them names – CHECK
    19.) Pet a farm animal – CHECK
    20.) Pick a wild flower – CHECK
    21.) Go to Dead Mans pond at VP – CHECK
    22.) Create your own holiday – CHECK – Provincial Horses Ass Day. Sept 25th
    23.) Chinese firedrill – CHECK
    24.) Prank call randoms – CHECK
    25.) Go ghost hunting – CHECK
    26.) Play a drinking game – CHECK
    27.) Celebrate Canada Day – CHECK
    28.) Learn something new – CHECK
    29.) Compliment a total stranger – CHECK
    30.) Go for a drive, flip a coin at every turn ; heads go left, tails go right – CHECK
    31.) Puke – CHECK
    32.) Go to an old church
    33.) Make a new friend – CHECK
    34.) Do a tequilla shot with lime & salt – CHECK
    35.) Watch fireworks – CHECK
    36.) Leave our make everywheres – CHECK
    37.) Write a song/poem – CHECK
    38.) See a shooting star – CHECK
    39.) Drive down a dirt road – CHECK
    40.) Get introuble – CHECK
    41.) Stay up all night – CHECK
    42.) Watch the sun rise – CHECK
    43.) Explore the woods at night – CHECK
    44.) Rent a porn
    45.) Get an old fashion photo in Cavendish
    46.) Skinny dipping – CHECK
    47.) Game night ; Cranium, Scrabble etc. – CHECK
    48.) Burning bridges
    49.) Make a mixed tape/cd – CHECK
    50.) Make a fancy meal – CHECK
    51.) Write a letter to a stranger – CHECK
    52.) Conquer a fear – CHECK
    53.) Party like rockstars – CHECK
    54.) Make a time capsule – CHECK
    55.) Kensington Mystery Mansion
    56.) Catch a butterfly – CHECK
    57.) Explore all of P.E.I. – CHECK
    58.) Drunk sex? – CHECK
    59.) ALE band practice outside – CHECK
    60.) Return to apartment beach with Ouija board
    61.) Change someones life for the better – CHECK
    62.) Kiss someone in the rain – CHECK
    63.) BonerFEST Round 3, 4, & 5. – CHECK
    64.) Meet and party with an away band – CHECK
    65.) Fuck with people at the Fruit Loop – CHECK
    66.) Invent a new extreme game – CHECK – Extreme Stealing
    67.) Buy a cricket ($0.18) from a petstore – CHECK
    68.) Play frisbee – CHECK
    69.) Watch cloud shapes – CHECK
    70.) Drink a grape slushie – CHECK
    71.) Take a picture with a homeless guy
    72.) Scare a small child – CHECK – Kids who threw an egg at us. Chris Threw him over a fence.
    73.) Go to Cows icecream – CHECK
    74.) Get drunk at a park – CHECK
    75.) Stay up all night watching horror flicks – CHECK
    76.) Water balloon fight
    77.) Go to the drive in
    78.) Pick an apple of a tree – CHECK
    79.) Take a picture of a fox – CHECK
    80.) Break something – CHECK
    81.) Find something – CHECK
    82.) Carve our names into a tree – CHECK
    83.) Steal a street sign – CHECK
    84.) More extreme pointless videos – CHECK
    85.) Shotgun a coldshot – CHECK
    86.) Collect random items to remember Summer 09 – CHECK
    87.) Shrub bossing – CHECK
    88.) Try a new alcohol – CHECK
    89.) Avoid drama – CHECK
    90.) Teach someones kid to say Faaagot! or an equally demeaning word – CHECK
    91.) Go to a BIS show – CHECK
    92.) Eat cold pizza for breakfast – CHECK
    93.) Roast marshmellows
    94.) Piss someone off – CHECK
    95.) Have an epic 20th birthday – CHECK
    96.) Be a minor inconvenience in someones day – CHECK
    97.) Answer every question with a question game – CHECK
    98.) Pee outside while drunk – CHECK
    99.) Get someone to go streaking
    100.) Get extremely scared – CHECK
    101.) Have a car sing along – CHECK
    102.) Collect a seashell – CHECK
    103.) Make amazing quotes – CHECK
    104.) Return to Coran Ban – CHECK
    105.) Find something on the side of the road that could be used as furnature
    106.) Smash a mailbox with a mailbox
    107.) Take an extreme amount of straws, wetnaps, or napkins from a resturaunt – CHECK
    108.) Take a photo next to a grave – CHECK
    109.) Pie eating contest rematch
    110.) Do up pants with a fork rematch
    111.) Get something matching for everyone – CHECK
    112.) Go all day without checking the time
    113.) Play truth or dare/I never
    114.) Wash a car – CHECK
    115.) Forgive someone – CHECK
    116.) Get a fastfood employees number
    117.) Stay in bed all day – CHECK
    118.) Dress a boy in girls clothes – CHECK
    119.) Make an epic memory – CHECK
    120.) Blow bubbles – CHECK

  2. tefa_96 1 year ago

    I need some ideas or a list of what I can do over the summer for fun. In addition to that a list of summer camps in GA would be nice. Thank you.

  3. Jonny 1 year ago

    (Names are changed)
    In September my freshman year of college started in metropolitan city L. I was very shy in fall term and had a select few friends. Towards the end of fall term I ended that shyness run and started getting out more, going on our floor lounge and getting better acquainted with others. During finals week of Fall term I was pulling an all nighter when at 1 AM I overheard two girls behind me (they were regulars on our floor, Gabby was from my building while Erika was from another building.) They were talking about having periods, I turned around and I guess you could say I fell immediately for Erika. I gave them a weird look. Gabby saw my look and told me to ignore their girl talk (she’s a sweet girl, irrelevant for the rest of this story…) I turned around. I had a very little experience with girls. All I had going for me was a girl that liked me from 7th to 10th, but by time I figured that out it was way to late. Over winter break I contemplated doing about something about my new-found love. I decided something had to be done by the end of the year.

    Winter term came around and I now began to go out and drink. Well, my first time going out was great. I got drunk (not enough to throw up, but enough were I started doing things I wouldn’t normally do.) I became more social when I was drunk and I pulled a few of my friends aside after the party and told them I liked Erika. Word spread like wildfire and soon enough 80% of my 30 person floor knew I liked her. (The floor is really close-knit if you couldn’t tell.) Somehow she didn’t find out. It’s now mid February and I still haven’t done anything about this girl I am so madly in love with. My good friend Tyler (he’s close friends with Erika) and tells me that if I really do like her I need to do something about it. I knew he was right, so I began my journey. I must note a few things about Erika. She is very friendly, cute, and is that girl across campus that everyone knows (not because she’s a whore, she’s very outgoing) she also has an anxiety disorder and a sleep disorder (I suffer from the same sleep disorder.)

    At first I started with small talk. Every opportunity to go to lunch/dinner at the dining hall with her and some friends I would take advantage of. We started talking more and more and hanging on my floor. Our conversations would vary in length, but were generally decent and usually took place around 9 or really late at night, like 2 AM. On 3/15 I asked her for her number during a 1 on 1 lunch (I had a lot of 1 on 1 lunches with her, that was basically how I got to know her and how I could guarantee some time during the day for her.) She already had mine and gave me hers (she must have got it from a facebook post I commented on in January when she lost all her contacts). I was one step closer. At first the texts were short convos, asking me to sign her into the building,etc. But they eventually grew in length leading up to spring break and they became more intricate and personal. One day at breakfast she told me that she thinks that she’s Bisexual (I was 4th to know) and has me look at girls and asks if they’re cute or not. Over spring break I was at my house out of state. We didn’t text much until the last few days and the texts were again long convos.

    When we return she tells me she has a crush on this guy on my floor, Peter. She told Peter, but Peter wasn’t interested. I tried to ignore that and kept pressing. We had a night where we laid inside and looked up at the stars at night and another night where we pulled all nighters, etc. A couple days later she all of a sudden dislikes Peter. The next day she tells me her ideal relationship and why it would never work with peter. She then tells me I should go abroad with her for the summer and to go to her dorm to see a movie later (never happened). That same day my friend asked (not using my name) if Erika was looking for a relationship, she said not now, probably next year though. Meanwhile I find out that this other girl Lola likes me. I didn’t pick up on hints until someone pointed it out. Lola did play with my hair and listen to music with me among other things. Anyways, shit hits the fan. Saturday night I get drunk so I can ask Erika to dinner, it backfires and she ends up running off back to her dorm before I can ask while I’m in the bathroom. I start texting her and gave her obvious clues that I like her. The next day she sits me down and tells me now’s not the time for a relationship for he (which I knew) and she then says we should avoid each other for a month or so. I sent her an apology text the next day and we didn’t text for a week. After that we texted sparingly but still talked in person, but it was awkward. Next year Lola and Erika live 3 doors down on each side from me.

    Would this plot make a good book?
    Is it possible Erika likes me?

    Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it.

    And it’s not that I’m not interested in Lola, I do think she’s cute. But I feel as if we were to be in a relationship it would fall flat on it’s face in a decent amount of time because we don’t have that much in common (at least from what I do know of her.)

    The book would be a romantic comedy esque book. That’s basically how each day of college was for me.

    Also, we haven’t texted in a couple weeks, it just stopped after she went abroad. Is there anything that you (or anyone else) would suggest that I text her to rebreak the ice?

    Again Thanks!

  4. Chris R 1 year ago

    This is what I have so far….
    1. Give someone a bath
    2. Learn how to do a back-hand spring
    3. Go bungee jumping
    4. Go skinny dipping in the ocean/pool
    5. Get a cartilage piercing
    6. Read the whole Bible
    7. Learn how to do a back-flip
    8. Become a better swimmer
    9. Hang with someone I havn’t seen in a year.
    10. Buy a thong
    11. Be in a parade
    12. Learn how to skateboard
    13. Go to a hardcore rock concert
    14. Flash someone
    15. Date outside of my race
    16. Go on a cruise
    17. Get a tan
    18. Wrestle in a pool of Jell-O
    19. Get a lava lamp
    20. Get a room makeover
    21. Learn how to do a cartwheel
    22. Sneak Out
    23. Prank call a bunch of random people
    24. Play paintball
    25. Write a song
    26. Organize a scavenger hunt
    27. Make a new kind of sandwich
    28. Make a scrapbook of everything I did this summer
    29. Play airsoft
    30. Ty-dye a t-shirt
    31. Go canoeing
    32. Learn to ski
    33. Have a movie night with a friend every other Friday
    34. Go to 2 different states that I’ve never been to
    35. Go camping
    36. Learn a foreign language
    37. Make a youtube video
    38. Throw a party
    39. Have at least 10 sleepovers
    40. Learn to play chess
    41. Create my own holiday
    42. Have a fling with 5 random guys
    43. Overcome my fear of failure
    44. Take a pottery class
    45. Gaze up at the stars with friends
    46. Become friends with one of my enemies
    47. Get kicked out of a store for fun
    48. Sleep outside
    49. Learn to juggle more than 3 objects at once
    50. Create my own website
    51. Feel a random guys crotch at the mall
    52. Take an art class
    53. Accept myself for who I am
    54. Make my own jewelry
    55. ???????? That’s when it comes to you guys, I need your help in making the best list ever! And don’t stop at just 100, think of as many as possible.
    To Aeromonkey7: Who the hell do u think u r? Of course I can do all that stuff in one summer, it’s not illegal, it’s fun, and I’m gonna do it so put that in your juice box and suck it.

  5. Joe M 1 year ago

    Me and my friend want to make a bucket list for the summer and we need ideas, we’re 15!

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