Ricky Williams: Heisman Voters Who Left Jameis Winston Off Their Ballots Aren’t ‘Intelligent Or Smart’ (VIDEO)

For Ricky Williams, Jameis Winston was a no-brainer choice to win the 79th Heisman Trophy. Williams is so certain that Winston deserved the honor that he has some doubts about the brains of those who didn’t see it that way.

“When you get a Heisman vote it doesn’t mean you’re intelligent or smart or anything like that,” Williams said with a smile on Monday when asked by HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps about the 115 voters who left Winston off their ballots.

As the winner of the 1997 Heisman Trophy, Williams had one of the 928 ballots sent out for the 2013 race. The overwhelming majority of voters agreed with Williams’ choice of Winston as he won in a landslide. The margin between Winston and runner up AJ McCarron was 1,501 votes. This was the seventh-largest margin of victory in the history of the Heisman, according to HeismanPundit.com.

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