Phyllo Dough Is Like A Buttery Hug For Your Recipes (PHOTOS)

We’re going to let you in on a little cooking secret: the more butter you use, the better your food will taste. It’s just the truth. Butter tastes awesome, and it has the power to make everything that comes into contact with it taste awesome too.

If you want to jump on the butter train, but are feeling a little hesitant, start with phyllo dough (also known as filo or fillo) . Not only does phyllo dough provide a crisp and flaky pocket for your food to live in, but it also demands a healthy dose of butter.

Phyllo — commonly used in Middle Eastern and Greek cooking — is a delicate paper-thin dough. Its thinness means that it dries out in an instant; and the only way to save it is with a thorough butter wash. Each layer of phyllo requires another wash of butter. By the time you’ve gotten the right amount of phyllo layers a recipe calls for, you’ve got enough butter involved to make a traditional French chef proud. Give it a try with the recipes below.

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