Orange Really IS the New Black

In honor of today’s Season 2 release of Orange Is the New Black, here are a few examples of how you can incorporate orange in your home. This vibrant color is perfect for infusing some energy into your decor. Try pairing it with my personal favorites, turquoise or aqua, for a playful accent.

So, if you need a break from your OITNB binge, peel your eyes away from Netflix and check out some of these design ideas:

Orange Really IS the New Black: How to Use Orange at Home

Top, L to R: Orange Padded Chair, Vintage Book Display, “Goldie” Sunflowers | Middle, L to R: Cocktail Cart, Orange Throw Pilllows| Bottom, L to R: Eco-Chic Serving Tray, Outdoor Living Room

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  1. Larry R 1 year ago

    If they can make it with violet showing in the sun, is there some where instead of purple its orange?

  2. sarah w 1 year ago

    Need help PLEASE

  3. BigDanSplendor 1 year ago

    My hair is originally dark brown. I had it black for years though. I went and got it professionally bleached blonde. Then i dyed it orange. Can I buy black hair dye and put it on top of the orange?

  4. Michael K 1 year ago

    at beach, saw a orange stingray with black dots? whats it called

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