Food: Wednesday Taco Night – 10 Great Taco Ideas

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We have a lot of tacos in our house.  Especially on Fridays.  It’s the perfect way to cook up whatever is left from the week into something delicious that fits into a perfectly grilled tortilla.  Your average taco might consist of filling + salsa + crema (if you’re lucky), but these 10 tacos take it up a notch!  Happy Weekend! (PS. Next time we meet it will be June!  Crazy!)

1. Rosemary Citrus Shrimp Tacos, Melanie Makes


2. Pulled Pork Tacos with Sweet Chili Slaw, How Sweet It Is


3. Flat Iron Steak Tacos, Martha Stewart 


4. Brussel Sprout Tacos with Carmelized Shallot Salsa, How Sweet It Is


5. Chipotle Quinoa Sweet Potato Tacos, Half Baked Harvest


6. Chipotle Shrimp Tacos, Heather Christo


7. Grilled Chili Lime Fish Tacos, Ambitious Kitchen 

b5bae313190b7feab65a7e4c8c05dcc98. Grilled Chicken Tacos, Just In Love With Berni


9. Korean Fried Chicken Tacos, Half Baked Harvest


10. Beer Battered Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa, How Sweet It Is 


  1. forahobby 1 year ago

    Please help

    Thank you.

  2. lucasg615 1 year ago

    I was thinking they would be good with chicken. I don’t have a whole chicken but I do have chicken breast tenderloins. I want to make something that really features the lemons because the lemons come highly recommended and I can’t get them often. Thanks!

  3. Gundown64 1 year ago

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  5. vanvark83 1 year ago

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  6. Squall Leonhart 1 year ago

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  7. Coffee t 1 year ago


  8. David 1 year ago

    i love to cook and be a house wife but want some new ideas
    here is our typically main dishes
    liver and onions
    pork chops grilled baked
    chicken fried bbq/baked/grilled
    i dont want any long recipes i have two smaill children that need food fast and my husbannd works til 20 min before dinner thanx in adance

  9. Jose B 1 year ago

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  11. Scorch Delta-62 1 year ago

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  12. Noe R 1 year ago

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