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    Right now I am panicking, because at the beginning of the school year my parents told me to fill out the FAFSA however at the time the only option was the 2012-2013 option. Fast forward a couple months I have been hearing back from my colleges but they haven’t been offering financial assistance which I found surprising seeing how I have fairly high SAT scores, class rank, and GPA. I went on all of my student application forms and they all said I have not sent in my FAFSA. Turns out I was suppose to fill out the 2013-2014 version which didn’t show up until January 1. Right now I am about 1 month past the deadline for all of my colleges. Is it even worth trying to send all the information in? Should I call the schools and explain my situation? Thanks for any advice you can give.
    Sorry messed up the dates; everything should be should say 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.

  2. I have applied for dv 2014 and i have received a 15 character confirmation number instead of a 16 character confirmation number does anyone know whats up with this??? i need help on this

  3. Is Jamb Expo 2014 out?

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  4. In the CLAt 2014 exam how many NLU’S participated. Can any body give me list of NLU’s and their NLU’s Courses for CLAt 2014 exam. CLAT eligibility 2014 for top NLU’s.

  5. TheSharkDaymond on

    It’s maybe too early but, I want to know:
    Which team will win the World Cup in South Africa? I want Brazil
    And if you dare, which team will win in Brazil 2014? Would it be 2 consecutive for Brazil?? What do you think people???

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