Easy, Breezy Art of Dip-Dying

Meg's dip dye pillow

There is something about the mellow, organic vibe dip-dying creates that is so lovely and oh-so-summer, to me. A deceivingly easy DIY, considering how intimidating it looks. I’ve tried my stained hands at this many times before (Re: wear gloves), and shared the in-progress process and the results on my blog, Nest. Liz touched upon this trend a few weeks ago in her Color of the Month post, so clearly we are all digging the dye right now.

Meg's dip dye lamp on Nest

This week I felt the need to share just how simple it can be to create the look over on HGTV Handmade.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Please DO try this at home. The result is really quite dreamy and can see this being a great addition to any couch, bedroom, or even a pop of custom color in a new dorm room.

Anthropologie's dip dye linen duvet set

Inspired by this lush and lovely dip-dye duvet set at Anthropologie, I took the project into a home textile place with a set of dip-dye pillows in a palette of blues and purple for my HGTV Handmade video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

I love, love, LOVE Marianne’s take on the project, also on HGTV Handmade, with her watercolor pillows created with permanent marker. They look so easy to make and have endless possibilities of color combinations.

free people-all-natural dyes form food

You can make your own dyes from food with this helpful guide from the Free People Blog. Now I’m dye-ing (had to) make a watermelon tote from last week’s Design Happens blog with beets.

Design Sponge's Shibori indigo dye tutorial

If you are feeling less dip-dye and watercolor and more indigo Shibori, then Design Sponge has you in mind with their tutorial on 4 different techniques.

Morgan Hungerford West's shabori dye on Panda Head

Morgan Hungerford recently created a large-scale indigo dye quilted installation for a Kinfolk event and shared some helpful tips that she learned along the way on her blog, Panda Head.

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