Designer MacGyver: 5 Totally-Doable DIY Dresser Ideas

Confession: There’s a dresser in my loft that I can’t seem to part with, even though it is totally old (not like valuable antique old, just like, old old), not in great shape and the drawers are barely deep enough to hold my unmentionables. Since we’ve established that I can’t (read: won’t) let it go, I figured I may as well solve my own dilemma and come up with some interesting new uses for it. Here are a few of my favorite ideas…

Photo: DK – Garden Design © 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Old Dresser —> New Planter
This dresser-as-planter notion tops my list because it’s so whimsical and unexpected in an outdoor setting. It’d be perfect in a cottage chic garden, no? I love the way the items on top of the dresser have been cleverly repurposed for potting plants, too. A double threat!

5 Totally-Doable DIY Dresser Ideas: Vanity

Old Dresser —> New Vanity
This bathroom vanity project by Marian Parsons may be a little more advanced than a planter, but I think the payoff is worth the extra effort. The sink and hardware really harmonize with the dark wood in the most delightful way. Bonus: It’s so pretty, it may encourage even more hand-washing, tooth-brushing and overall good hygiene.

5 Totally-Doable DIY Dresser Ideas: Toy Storage
Old Dresser —> New Toy Storage
If your living room has turned into a playroom, reclaim your space with this inventive idea from Brian Patrick Flynn. An old dresser can easily double as toy storage with a few structural tweaks, a fresh coat of paint and fun hardware. Now that’s some kid-tested, mother-approved style.

5 Totally-Doable DIY Dresser Ideas: Media Console
Old Dresser —> New Media Console
Stop staring at a mess of wires and jumble of DVDs and start staring at your TV again. (Preferably a TV tuned to HGTV, #shamelessplug.) Follow this how-to by Brian Patrick Flynn to turn an old dresser into a media console that keeps it all together and tucks it out of sight.

5 Totally-Doable DIY Dresser Ideas: Outdoor Sideboard/Buffet

Old Dresser —> New Outdoor Serving Buffet
It’s prime time for outdoor entertaining, y’all! Make your hosting duties easier by turning an old dresser into an outdoor serving buffet with the instructions from Brian Patrick Flynn. Guests can help themselves and you can kick back and actually enjoy your own party for a change. How’s that for a novel idea?

Which dresser idea is the most dressed-up? And do you have any other genius uses for old dressers? Share them in the comments below!

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