Designer MacGyver: 5 Old Window Ideas We Love

When I was little, “You make a better door than a window” was a popular way to complain about someone blocking the TV in front of you. Turns out that sometimes even windows are better in other capacities! Take a look at these wonderfully crafty ideas for old windows to see what I mean…

Design by Mandy Stansberry

Hey, there’s no rule that window boxes need to stay outdoors! Attach a box to an old window frame, hang on a bare wall and change out the display to reflect the seasons.

Old Window Ideas: Coffee Bar

Design by RMS user acupacup

An old window frame can turn your counter space into a mini cafe. Just make like RMS user acupacup and add what her name says. Hang cups and mugs from glass knobs for easy access in the morning when you’re stumbling around like a zombie looking for your caffeine fix.

Old Window Ideas: Picture Frame

DIY Network Blog Cabin 2012

One of the old windows of DIY Network’s Blog Cabin 2012 home was discovered during renovation and later reappeared in the finished living room, purposed as a lovely vintage picture frame. Can’t you picture this in your home?

Old Window Ideas: Garden Art

Via: DIY Network

If you want to feel at home outside, hanging old window frames is a great way to give a backyard space some shape and definition. Head over to DIY Network to see how it’s done.

Old Window Ideas: Headboard

Design by Jessica McKay

This old window from a barn door is the perfect size to stand in for a traditional headboard. (This is actually one place where both doors AND windows work well!)

Which old window idea is clearly the best? And do you have any clever uses for old windows? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Dr Dorian 1 year ago

    how can imake a window frame for a photo from cardboard? I would like to have the 45degrees angle on the edge of the inside frame…
    I would like the inside edge be 45degrees circa. not 90 degreese. : )

  2. MentallyCryppled 1 year ago

    I want to pull out my aluminum windows to replace them with fin-less vinyl windows. What is the easiest way to do this? Thanks

  3. JDOGG1122 1 year ago

    I had a couple of companies give me quotes on replacement windows. The first two measured from the inside. The last guy also measured from the outside. I asked him why and he said he was proposing to replace the entire window frame, not just provide an insert for the existing frame. He told me he preferred to take the entire window out, ensure the insulation around the window is good, then seal up and trim. He said putting an insert into an existing frame could end up solving only half the problem.
    Obviously, his is the most expensive bid. The windows themselves are not too much more but installation is.

    Which approach is better? The house is 45 year old, in a northern climate.

  4. Orbit 1 year ago

    How do you clean UPVC guttering, window frames etc mine are starting to get grey black streaks and have begun to lose that whiteness

  5. Praveen 1 year ago

    I have a mold problem my windows steam up very easily and my blind stuck to it and now it has some black mold looking stuff on it. Any ideas how to get rid of it. Also There is some on my window frame too. I know air out my room more to help the condensation. I have tried a mold spray on the window but it didnt seem to do much but I didnt leave it on the right amount of time as it really smelt.

  6. Jonathan 1 year ago

    Hi all and thanks for your time – this is really urgent and the day is not so young – thanks for any advice you may have.

    Basically, the window frame is bust and I need a temporary quick fix to use over the Christmas period – what happened was it had flew open in the “storm” that England are having and it left a few bumps in opposite directions to how they should be facing in the hinges. Because of these bumps, the window isn’t going back into the main frame (please notice I’m talking about the glass and the wood around the outside and not just about the glass). Having tried to basically force the window back in, I was doing more harm than good. At current, I have two pieces of string on each handle holding the window in place which are tied down to my floor. Any suggestions I appreciate eternally.


  7. skychi99 1 year ago

    I have a house that was built in the 50s and it has wooden window frames or stops/jambs not sure what exactly there called. There are replacement vinyl windows installed think the originals were aluminum but there was a leak in the outside sill and it rotted out whatever that thing is called that the window sits in.

  8. hank baseballs 1 year ago

    I moved into a new apartment and have to start hammering/drilling nails and screws on walls and a window frame. For the latter, since it’s made of wood, I need to nail the support for a small wire lamp.

    Should I be concerned about nailing through the wall/window frame and strike something (wires/pipes)? Any rule of thumb to make sure this doesn’t happen? Areas to avoid? What kind of sound (by knocking) lets me know there is nothing on the other side?

  9. ouch 1 year ago

    I am replacing an old metal basement window with a vinyl one and I am running into a few confusing problems. 1st, the opening is only 13×31 and the smallest window I have found available is 14×32. The old window has a metal frame, but I cannot see any way for the frame to be removed. There are no screws holding it in, and it appears to be one piece. Will I have to try and cut this metal frame out with a saw? I am hoping that the new opening will accommodate the new window, but I am not sure. I am not worried about having to replace with an egress window since there is a walk-out slider near the window.

    Originally, I was going to build a frame for the inside of the basement around the opening an simply set the window against the frame and secure it using the fins on a new construction window.
    Now I am thinking that a replacement window set into a (hopefully) larger space from the outside is the better option. Any advice anyone?

  10. Myles 1 year ago

    My window frame on my desktop used to be clear but it suddenly changed to whitish blue. I forgot how to change it back.
    there is no box that says that

  11. lildevilgurl152004 1 year ago

    We have an add on to the back of our house. This means the previously external window is now internal. The glass has already been removed but the vertical wooden frame that would separate the 2 frames of glass still remains. I want to saw this out so it will open the view from the kitchen to the back room but would this in anyway jeopardize the structure of the wall??

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