Cassandra Lynn Hensley: Remember Her Life In Pics

The Playmate was found dead in a friend’s bathtub on Jan. 16, and she was only 34-years-old. The model had a life that was cut short but let’s take a moment to keep her memory alive with these photos of her life.

Cassandra Lynn Hensley was found dead on Jan. 16 in LA. While the world waits for the coroner’s report, wanted to remember the beautiful Playmate, who leaves behind a daughter.

Cassandra Lynn Hensley Found Dead

Playboy Turns 60

The death was totally unexpected and TMZ claims that no one believes foul play was a factor. But what makes this even more sad, is that this Utah native loved life.

The former February 2006 playmate was always seen smiling and her friends have said nothing but wonderful things about her.

Senseless and tragic loss of such an amazing person. @missfeb06 @playboy 😰💔

— Destiny Davis (@DestinyDavis824) January 16, 2014

Very sad to hear about the death of Playmate Cassandra Lynn. Prayers to her friends and family. RIP

— Brandie Moses (@BrandieMoses) January 16, 2014

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