Bold + Playful Paint Colors for Kids’ Rooms

As a child, I was obsessed with changing up my room’s design scheme and color palette. It started with a frilly pink bedspread and canopy, then gradually matured to sunshine-yellow walls with a cool denim comforter. By the time I was midway through high school, I was sporting tan walls and leopard print everything. My parents let me express myself through the years, and while cringe-worthy at times, it has been important to my personal design style today.

Look at your child’s room as a place to lay the foundation, a place where they can grow. First, decide what purpose the space will serve; is it just a room for rest, or does it double as a playroom, too? This will determine the palettes you choose. Hues like gray, turquoise, lime and creamsicle are soft enough for a child but can take them into the tween and teen years with ease.

Looking for inspiration for your kiddo? Here some of my favorite youthful paint palettes:

Bright Green Boy’s Room: Designer duo Robert and Cortney Novogratz took the bright green hue from the crystal chandelier and painted the ceiling a matching shade. The fifth wall is also a nice complement to the toile wallpapered accent wall.

Kids Bedroom

Vibrant Blue Girl’s Room: A cheerful pastel shade of blue is perfect for a growing girl and can easily coordinate with any color.

Kids Playroom

Bright Orange Playroom: A creamsicle orange hue is ideal for a multipurpose kids’ playroom. Black and white chevron rugs add an air of maturity for the future tween hangout.

Kids Bedroom

Hot Pink Tween Girl’s Bedroom: When it comes to wallpaper, sometimes less is more. A wallpapered accent wall adds a touch of edge, along with an adjacent hot pink accent wall along the window seat. If she decides she hates pink, there’s much less to worry about down the road.

Kids Bedroom

Purple Kids’ Bedroom: Designer Brian Patrick Flynn used a soothing yet playful shade of purple as the palette for this toddler’s bedroom and play space. The room is made up of three areas: a sleeping spot, a large, open play space and an activity center.

Whether it’s picking a paint color combination to create a certain mood or customized color matching, True Value has the solutions. To help you choose the perfect color scheme for your next interior or exterior painting project, visit

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  1. Lia-lu-li 1 year ago

    Hi so I really love the Naked Palette and the Naked 2 palette but they are both 50 dollars and I don’t wanna spend 100 dollars for both. I heard the fake versions on eBay don’t work good so is there a different brand that copies the same colors as the naked palette and works almost as good?

  2. LN13 1 year ago

    Hi there, I’ve been having a really hard time with a color palette for my wedding. I’m getting married in spring on a date that is meaningful to me and my partner. I’ve been listening to everyone around me, trying to get me to pick pink and yellow and mint green, etc. But I really love Autumn colors. And I’m starting to get overstressed over a few colors which is not something I ever wanted to do, but every time I mention one of my fav colors for the palette, the girls in the bridal party are quick to point out that they’re not soft, feminine, spring-y colors. I’m sick of hearing it!

    My question is: Can a bride have tones of red (such as Scarlet), orange and purple with brown and ivory/cream accents on her spring wedding day? Is it wrong to want a bold colored spring wedding?

  3. brincks26 1 year ago

    What is the list of colour / palette on the painting The Milkmaid by painter Johannes Vermeer.I wish to make copy of this paint .

  4. Superman 1 year ago

    i wanted to use it for something but i cant find any information on the pantone or swatch that was used on season 2s opening for the most part. and if you have one close to it that would be cool thanks

  5. ericmreitz 1 year ago

    Okay, so I’ve tried decorating based around warm colored palettes and cool color palettes, and I’ve found that whenever I do one, I long for the other. Does anyone have any pictures or ideas on how to decorate while combining both, or how to figure out which one is more “you?” Or maybe anything on cooler colors with warm undertones?

    Sorry if this is confusing, but I am confused myself and not sure what I want! Any help is appreciated, thanks.

  6. Thomas Lopez 1 year ago

    I need a paint palette for a completely open floor plan for living room and kitchen. I have red and black accents. I’m looking for 2 different colors, one for living room and one for kitchen-entry way area. And, also colors for the curtains. Any ideas would be appreciated!

  7. Jenna 1 year ago

    i have really fair skin, green-gray eyes with a little gold in the middle, dark blonde hair. So like what kind of palette like at sephora…. plz put a link
    or just general colors…

  8. Echo 1 year ago

    I’m wanting to make some game graphics and they have to be in either 16-bit or 8-bit color. I don’t know about these palettes and I tried googling for them but I don’t come up with anything. Is there something I’m missing here? Please help me out, thanks!

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