20 Reasons Enchiladas Are The Ultimate Comfort Food (RECIPES)

enchilada recipes

We’ve often said — and whole-heartedly believe — that when someone makes you soup it means they love you. We think you should know that statement also applies to enchiladas (and maybe even more so than it does to soup).

While soup is heart-warming and restorative, enchiladas are the food equivalent of taking off your shoes, wrapping yourself up in a blanket and sinking into a couch after a long day. When someone puts that feeling onto a plate for you, well, that’s a whole lot of love.

If you have someone you care for, or if you just really like enchiladas, we gathered the 20 best recipes for you that the internet has to offer on this ultimate Tex-Mex comfort food.


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  1. Becky 1 year ago

    Wow!! What a fun round up!! I want all of these! Thanks for including mine too

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